Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I have here a new tangle.  I really enjoy designing new tangles. This one is not derived from anything in particular although it does have similarities to Printemps and Bunzo.

Now, a word about its name - Clogit.  We have near us a small town named Ixonia.  Rumor or tradition has reports that it received its name by someone pulling letters out of a bucket or something similar.  I did not want Clogit to have a representational name so I decided to use that technique.  I pulled 4 consonants out of a bowl and 2 vowels out of a separate bowl.  Then I put them in different orders.  These were some possibilities: LOGICT, GOLTIC, CLOTIG, GLOCIT, plus many others.  I decided upon Clogit.  Be it good or not so good, that is its name.

Here again I am using Rick and Maria's stepout template which can be found on the CZT Zentangle site in the CZT resources.

As you view this stepout, it will be helpful to you to click on the file in order to make it larger.

1 comment:

  1. Joyce, what a genious idea to put letters out for the name, I love it. I'm gonna start doing it too! Too bad there isn't a random letter like the random number pickers. Your tangle is cool. TFS