Tuesday, February 11, 2014

On Sunday I gave a Zentangle Demo at Artist and Display in Milwaukee.  Don and I do these fairly regularly for them.  This time however, I was alone.  Don and Peg are frolicking in warm St. John's Virgin Islands.  I like to give him a hard time about that because here in Wisconsin it has been below zero all the time he has been gone.  I will say more about that later.

At the demo we draw on either red or white hearts because Valentine's Day is less than a week away.
I varied a little bit in what I had different people draw and was really excited to see that some folks used there own creativity.

This first picture is of a couple that came to the demonstration. He chose a red heart and she chose a white one.  They drew the same pattern on them and they turned out so different.  It was fun to see them work and enjoy the process.

This next picture is a mother and daughter who came and enjoyed themselves also.

Some of the folks who came decided to leave part of Onamato blank so that they could add "Happy Valentine's Day or another phrase in the space.  

Don and Peg's trip to St. John's in the Virgin Islands.  They traveled there to see their son who has been living there for a few months now.  

They have sent me a couple of pictures and also there are some in Facebook.   So here is the first photo of them enjoying the warm weather.  This Sean (their son) put it on Facebook.  They look very relaxed and enjoying themselves. 

This next picture Don emailed to me with this in the subject area "Just another winter day." 

Now you have to keep in mind that since they have been gone, we (here in Wisconsin) have not had a temperature above 0.   We have seen temperatures -15 and that does not include the wind chill.  So I feel compelled to send them the following picture with the same caption "Just another winter day!!!!"

Actually, I am happy that they are able to enjoy seeing Sean and spending some time in the sun.  However, if they come back with beautiful tans I might be a little jealous.

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