Wednesday, April 9, 2014

You may have seen on Facebook that I fell and broke my wrist in two spots.  I'd like to say that I was horseback riding or perhaps even skydiving and did it that way.  However, I just fell over my own two feet.  When I was yet on the ground, I looked around for a crack in the sidewalk, a stone, or a crevice but there was nothing on which I could blame my fall.  My husband was with me and I couldn't find any reason to blame him either.  I just fell over my own two feet. The pain was so great that I knew right away I had broken something or another.  We were about two blocks from home in front of a home.  The couple that lived there were just driving in the driveway and saw the fall.  She was a nurse and so ran into the house and got an icepack to wrap around my wrist with the news that she thought I better get up to the emergency room.

Dwayne took me there and sure enough –– two bones were broken.  This was a Sunday so the next day I saw an orthopedic doctor who told me I'd need surgery. On Friday I had the surgery so now I have a plate and screws in my wrist.

Don was all set to tangle the cast except I will not have a cast.  It will be, after the stitches come out, a removable brace.  That sounds good to me.

I am Director of Music at Delafield Presbyterian Church, playing keyboard each Sunday so, of course, that was a concern.  Because we have an electric keyboard on which I can record things. I was able to record the left hand part with my right hand and then play along with the recording also with my right hand.  All is well!!!

To your right in this blog you see a music selection from youtube.  I am enjoying Joe Bongiorno these days as I am learning to slow down and just relax. (If you know me, you know that is not easy for me to do.)

I spent a couple of days with nausea and pain and I think my hubby didn't know what to do with me.  He stopped and bought a stuffed animal and also an infinity scarf.  Both I am enjoying.  I have to show you picture of how I am using the infinity scarf. I think the scarf works better as a sling than the regular sling, don't you?

And here is Izzy (as I named him.)

Here is the tile I tangled in the hospital while waiting for the surgery to begin.

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  1. By the look of that tile I'm guessing you broke your non-dominant wrist. Silver lining and all that! I do hope you heal well and are back on the piano for two hands pdq!